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The Strain of OFRN and its' Origin.
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The A.(p).B.T. has many different foundation breeds which help create the breed we know today.
Today you can basically trace back many different strains of the A.(p). B.T. to the foundation breeds by the dominance of their appearance and characteristics of behavior.
Many of the strains today still appear with great dominance.
OFRN, the Blue Dogs (Blue Pols), the Black & Tan, etc.

Old Family Red Nose.

Old Family Red Nose aka OFRN, is a strain with in the breed of the A.(p).B.T.
Dan McCoy coined the name for this strain which had the looks and characteristics of the foundation dog of the Irish Old Family Reds.
The Irish fighting dogs have been extinct for over 100 years.

So why was the strain of OFRN so popular and sought after?
Why did people like Robert Hemphill, Daniel McCoy, James Corcoran, I.D. Cole, Robert Wallace, James Williams, etc. so intrigued by them?

They had the characteristics of the foundation breed of the Old Family Reds.
So what was so great or desirable of the foundation breed of the Old Family Reds?
So what was the characteristics?

First you have to understand how breeding was done back in the time when people barely knew how to read and write and DNA comparison and selective breeding traits compound on alike genes was never heard of.
i.e. In 1936 was a book wrote by Joesph Colby of a how to book for the A.(p).B.T.
Before this and after this, reference has been made in books of this same style breeding method.
Joesph wrote to breed father to daughter, son to mother and brother to sister to restore gameness in a bloodline.

Joesph was basically referring to breeding on alike gene traits, like gameness with in a family of dogs.
Once done and restored, other methods can be considered.
One was tight line breeding or if certain abilities were lost and could be restored by another style of breeding.
The problem with this style of breeding Joesph was referring too, not all strains or bloodlines could do this method of breeding.
Many problems would appear from congenital to conformational faults.

So this is why OFRN were so sought after and every modern known sporting bloodline has OFRN strain in them, some more then others.
Why is because of the characteristics of the Old Family Reds found in the strain of OFRN.
First you have to look at the breed of Irish Old Family Reds who were used as the one of A.(p).B.T. foundation breeds.

The name of Old Family Reds.

The last part of the name is self explanatory. The dogs from Ireland was mostly red in color.
Old Family is the important factor in why the strain of OFRN were sought after.
In each county or Klan in Ireland the dogs were selectively breed and the preferred method of breeding was tight family or inbreeding.
Over the many years of this style of breeding the characteristics faults like congenital and conformation were eliminated.
Each Klan's dogs became so standardized, so tightly bred to the point each Klan's dogs almost became a sub-breed to the Irish bred fighting dog.
They clearly started to sub-strain.
The name Old Family was a given in reference because each family (Klan) had their own version of this breed of fighting dog.

When the breed of Old Family Reds were bred to other fighting dogs to help create the breed of A.(p).B.T. and the need came to restore gameness, this strain (OFRN) who had the characteristics of its' foundation breed, was able to be bred by this method referred too in so many books.
This is why Robert Hemphill in his advertisements would write:
"Gamest dogs ever bred!"