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Color Breeding.
« on: December 14, 2015, 08:45:45 AM »
I'm not a color breeder.
I get red dogs because that is what they produce.
To get another color I would have to breed out side of my kennels, which I won't do.

As for the colors of red, since I don't color breed, I don't care what color of the shade of red they are.
I don't guarantee a shade of red. Nor do I guarantee no red brindle or white on the dogs.
I guarantee health and they are "bred as said"! Nothing else...
You can read the guarantee here:

If you have doubts and are hung up on this, I suggest you request pictures.
This is the time to say ya or nay on getting the pup.

On the Puppy Information Form I'm clear about this.

I don't refund deposits, they are to be used within 1 year.
I will replace a pup with a pup.
(This only applies if the Policy & Guarantee is the issue.)
This does not apply to the shade of red, specially after pictures have been sent!!