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Miscellaneous. / More Books, free downloads and places to buy.
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:49:09 PM »


 The Pit Bull Terrier by Beiby.
 Published by Denlinger's 1945.

 Pit Rules by Pete Sparks.

 The American Pit Bull Terrier by Clifford Garrett.

 American Pit Bull Terrier book by Howard O Rourke.

 Buster, His dog Tige, and their Troubles by R.F. Outcault.

 By Don Mayfield.

 Game dogs of Yesterday by David Hollingworth & Jan Kuiper.

 Colby, Neblett and Mason Dogs by Bryon Fortenberry.

 The Staffordshire Terriers Year Books W.T. Brandon.

 American Stafforshire Terriers authors Browntrout Publisher's Ed.

 Redeye by Clyde Ederton.
 1995 245 pages.

 American pit bull terriers and related breeds (Background paper) (Background paper) (Unknown Binding)
 by Sharon Goble (Author).

 Pit bulls: The problems and the laws (Research monograph / Legislative Research) (Research monograph / Legislative Research) (Unknown Binding)
 by Melanie Zermer (Author).

 Pit bulls: Vicious or vilified? (CSG backgrounder) (CSG backgrounder) (Unknown Binding)
 by William Voit (Author).

 The Pit Bull (Hardcover) by William Horwood.
 Oct 31, 1990.

 What about pit bull?: A look at issues for local government decision makers (Clearinghouse report) (Clearinghouse report) (Unknown Binding) by Don W Ownby (Author).
 Jan 1, 1987.

 What about pit bulls? (MTAS municipal law report) (Unknown Binding)
 by Don W Ownby.

Miscellaneous. / Dogmen Personalities.
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:45:23 PM »
Dogmen Personalities.

 Over the years I had the pleasure to meet a lot of different kind of people
 who own the American Pit Bull Terrier.
 Some were quite important, others of lesser knowledge and fame.

 I have seen many different styles of behavior.
 Their styles varied by nature of their interest.

 If they were just a pet owner, theirs were of ah of famous people and were a sponge for information about the breed. Often quite nice if you're willing to stand there let them milk you of a life time of knowledge and information. If you weren't, then their personality was of jealousy and bitterness.

 If they were exhibitors of legal means, such as conformation shows etc., often theirs are petty and jealousy of about everyone who won over their dogs or got more attention.
 They would hang on every word of a person of importance, then misconstrue their intent to belittle or discredit, or apply the importance of what was said depending on which way the words wind would flatter or offend them. Either way the wind blew, the words were always exaggerated.

 Now if they are competitors of illegal intent, EVERYONE's dogs were the best that ever look through a collar and everyone else's has never done nothing like theirs!
 My favorites are the clowns who brags on their bloodline they own but has never done anything themselves to add recognition to the line.
 But yet sets in judgment of dog people who have!
 You have risked it all by putting it on the line.
 "Remember the next best thing to playing and winning is, playing and losing, but you have to play to win."
 Not be a coward and just set of the sidelines and talk smack!

 Or leaches who are hang-arounders of the true campaigners and
 make like they were part of the main core of that posse.
 When a person is shooting off their mouth in public, you can be sure the person they are talking about,
 they have never rang their phone...

 Now if they are a breeder or just plain peddler, there are many different types of personalities.
 There is the mild manner type, polite and courteous but doesn't know much or able to give much information about what they are selling because they truly only in it for the bucks.

 Then there is the slicker type, hey buddy, ole pal, old friend of mine and you only ever talked to them once before on the phone for a couple of minutes and you would think they feel like life long pals.
 They try and make you feel easy about parting with your money to them for anything they are selling no matter what the quality is.

 The best I've saved for last and I think most know why. Smile
 There is the direct type of personality.
 So blunt almost rude.
 Short and simple that you think their must be something wrong because they didn't try and play suck ass to you because they don't breed dogs for living. They know what they have done with the dogs and they know the truth and if asked will give it no matter if it is what you wanted to hear or not!

 They are the type who has a life time of knowledge with the dogs of hands on experience and not something they read in a book and sure to hell don't want some greenhorn sitting on the sidelines correcting them about things the greenhorn has no first hand knowledge of.

 The type of dog person who's life lessens in the dog game came hard with no help from anyone.
 Paid their dues by being ripped off, lied too, stolen from, cheated, often fighting off attempts of being discredit by every wannabe who is jealous of what they hadn't done in their life time and the people the person knows and places he has been and the things he has saw and done....
 He has to deal with every hater who has never done as much or got the recognition or fame as he has.

 This kind of breeder knows what he knows and don't take shit from no one and doesn't play kiss ass to anyone. Game as his dogs and the history of the breed.
 He is the type of gamedog that doesn't come from around behind and attack the stifle like a cur, he will face fight you and keep it where the action is and be right in front of you at all times!

 The APBT dog world is of your choice. You pick what kind you like, then live with it....

Miscellaneous. / The Library of Ironline Kennels.
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:29:09 PM »
List of books and magazines owned by Ironline Kennels.
 One of the largest collection of American Pit Bull Terrier books and magazines.
 The main interest of this library was the breed of APBT.
 The library books clearly states APBT or they weren't collected.
 The main library interests, was never of books about any breed or
 type of dog which may resemble the APBT of the past or present, from this country or any other country.
 The library does have books of other breeds of dogs associated with the breed of APBT,
 example AST, SBT, BT, etc., these books do state the type of breed.

 The collection of magazines aren't as large as others, but has some of the oldest.
 Our interest was more of books then magazines.
 Many of the magazines often appeared repetitive of the previous one.

I think I will do it in sections.
 The sections I will do first will be the fewest.
 The first section will be of reprints.

 The first and most noted person, who also did the best quality of reprinting and
 had permission from the publishers, was Pete Sparks.

 The American Pit Bull Terrier by Joseph L. Colby. Copyrighted in 1936.
 Second reprint in 1975 by Pete Sparks.
 Gold letters of the name Daniel M. Norrod on the cover.

 Memoirs of the Pit by Jack Meeks printed in the late 1930's.
 Published in 1974 by Pete Sparks.
 Gold letters of the name Daniel M. Norrod on the cover.

 Thirty Years with Fighting Dogs by George C. Armitage.
 Published in 1953 Jack Jones. Reprinted by Pete Sparks 1957.
 Second reprint, 1977. Third Reprint, 1981.
 I believe this must be a third reprint.

 The American Pit Bull Terrier and his Master by L.B. Hanna.
 Reprinted by Pete Sparks in June 1955. Second reprint December 1978.

 The Dog Pit By Richard K. Fox.
 Entered according to the Act of Congress in the year 1888.
 Reprinted by Pete Sparks in 1975.

 The Sporting Bull Terrier by Eugene Glass.
 Published by "The Dog Fancier," Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A. 1910.
 The Dog Fancier was an A.P.B.T. magazine.
 Reprinted by Pete Sparks in 1976.

 Terrier Dogs, ETC. by Ed James.
 Published in 1873.
 Reprinted by Bulldog Press in 1994.

 Reprint of Jack Kelly's Keep Book.
 No date of copyright or publish date.

 SCRATCH 'EM & STITCH 'EM A Manual for Sporting Dog Owners by Snowdrift.
 Reprint by Zoi. No copyright or publish date.

PIT DOGS (as we like 'em) magazine by H.Q. Kennedy and Pete Sparks.
Volume 1 August, 1953 No.12.
Vol. 2 January, 1955 No. 9

Miscellaneous. / BUY AMERICAN!
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:54:30 PM »

Announcements. / Online Pedigrees.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:43:04 PM »

 I'm giving public notice I do not endorse or support Online-Pedigree service by any manner.
 I have never used the service.
 I have never provide information for the service by any means or manner.
 I never been a paid member of their service.
 I do not condone,support or endorse the accuracy of information appearing on their website of our kennel of dogs or of anyone else's kennels.
 It is our position and opinion all information appearing on their service and website is to be thought of as fiction.

Announcements. / Brian Collins in concert. Steve Boudreaux step-son.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:36:39 PM »
Brian is back in concert. Check him out:

Brian singing about his Pit Bulls again. For who know, Brian was Steve Boudreaux (where Blind Billy came from) Stepson.

#1 hit and check out the other 63 songs like #61 "Hello Texas" from the sound track of the Urban Cowboy movie.

Announcements. / Tribute to Jerry Hale of Halestorm band.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:34:29 PM »
The picture is Thomas McAllister the lead singer.
 Jerry plays lead guitar and songwriter.
 You name the axe player, Jerry has jammed with him, including me. Laughing
 Santana and all the rest.

25th Anniversary of Woodstock
 Jerry play lead in the Electric Ladyland-Tribute to Jimi Hendrix.
 If Jimi played it, so did Jerry and many more songs.
 Jerry has recorded 3 albums, this is one of them.

 BTW Jerry is a Pit Dog owner and has been for many years and we have traveled all over the US.

 If I can talk him into it, I want to use his studio where him and I record "All Along the Watchtower" for my website. Very Happy

Announcements. / Ironline Kennels now has 2 url.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:31:51 PM »

Announcements. / Ironline's Name and Dogs.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:28:18 PM »
Ironline name is copyright. No one has the right to use it without our written permission.

 Only recognized dogs, are the dogs purchased directly from Ironline Kennels.
 As stated in our Policy & Guarantee;
"We can only be responsible for dogs purchased directly from us, by the people who bought them, not dogs sold under our name!"
 As in the case recently by some people in Alabama.

 Dogs not bought directly from and/or bred by us, are not recognized Ironline Dogs.
 We do not recognize people's sale of dog/s claiming to be Ironline Kennels bred.

 For dogs to be straight "PURE" Ironline Kennels dogs (meaning at least 4 generations) they must only be from Suzie Que, Mitzie & Maxillian.
 All the rest are considered line bred dogs.

In case anyone has missed this in public magazines, look in the right lower corner for the copyright mark.

Once again it can be seen:

Announcements. / Origin of the name Iron Mike.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:24:46 PM »
The nickname Iron Mike isn't a handle from owning dogs.
 It was a nickname from playing football in school.
 At a very young age I have been over 6 feet tall.
 But I didn't have the weight to play lineman.

 In basketball I could always touch the rim but like most white guys, Laughing
 I couldn't continuously play a high level game above the rim.
 But in football it was very easy just to lay the ball up in the air
 and I was able to bring it down over the defensive backs.

 Because of my size, I often played tight end
 but I also would play in motion as a flanker or the third wide receiver.
 I wore the same number as Mike Ditka
 and because my bread and butter sport was football,
 I received a nickname from the famous Iron Mike.
 One other reason is because I played two way football.
 I also play defensive end.

 Later on in dogs the name just stayed with me.
 Ironman was a handle from which an Ironworker and a bloodline coincided
 and so this is how that handle was created,
 but this isn't the case with Iron Mike.

 So in the future when you see anonymous poster, posting the name Iron Mike,
 they're not just posting a dogman's "handle", in truth,
 it is avail attempt to dry snitch a person's name out.
 In this case, mine... Twisted Evil

FAQ / Pens compared to Tie Outs.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:12:38 PM »
Special interest groups like PETA (or any other of the new names they use, because of the bad press PETA is receiving) and other allege communist, drug and terrorist funding groups, are trying to have anti-tethering laws passed.

 Their claim is, chains makes dogs vicious.
 The problem with this theory is whether or not it is a social behavior or hereditary problem.

 Vicious dog behavior is greatly debated on, how this is created and why does this behavior appear.

 It is basically the same debate in humans that are murders, are they born that way or are they a product of their environment?

 So does chains make dogs vicious?
 Not by simply being placed and left on a chain.
 If the hereditary fault is within the genetic makeup of the dog then it can manifest itself.

 Physical abuse, whether on a chain or not, it has been known to create ill-temper dogs.

 So what does these special interest groups suggest?
 1 hr. a day on the chain, 3 hrs off.
 No more then the total of 3 hrs on the chain for the whole day.

 So what does this leave, what the special interest groups call irresponsible owners?
 They will go out and buy cheap crates and pens and put them in an area where if they soil the area, the owner won't have to smell or deal with it.
 Not to mention the concrete pens the dogs will freeze in when it comes winter. Concrete gets as cold as its environment.
 Pens, dogs can escape from by digging or climbing out of. Or pressing on the latch hard enough until it turns and gives way.
 Because this only address tethering, not penning of a dog.

 Will government officials allow these fanatics play them as stooges?
 Or will they keep the best interest of the dogs in mind?

 Will they listen to the pro of tethering after they listened to the "con" job just ran on them?

 The pros to tethering:

 Keeps the dogs safe from interacting with other dogs where an altercation might arise.
 Keeps them from roaming and being a menace and destructive to personal property and physical harm to humans.
 Great for exercise. More square foot area then a pen.
 Cleaner then pens because ground allows drainage un-like concrete where water and the snow liquidates the feces, which in turn, soils everything in the pen area.
 Concrete pens are very cold and hot, depending on the season, and extremely hard on the joints, feet and bones of the dog.
 The dog becomes extroverted. Pens make a dog introverted. Pens make a dog be consumed in their own little world and takes on the behavior of a caged animal.

 These special interest bleeding hearts try to convince government officials tethering makes dogs human aggressive because they are deprived of food, water and housing. This simply is not true. Some cases this has happened but it has also happened INSIDE the home! Often dogs tethered are in better health and physical fitness then a dog kept in a house. No one can deny being out doors is healthier for animals then being kept in doors. Dogs need vitamin D to retain calcium for strong bones and healthy coats. This comes from being in sunlight. Most responsible owners who tether dogs have them equipped with automatic feeders and water. Insulated dog house and bedding for the change of the seasons.

 These practices fall under animal well-fair not under animal rights. God's will, Man was given dominion over all plants and animals on earth to do with as mankind sees fit. Only a non-Christian would want animals with equal rights as humans. Laws and life style where man is subservient to animals or of animal worship.

 It is the responsibility of government of the people of the United States to protect the Bill of Rights of human beings of this country where laws are not passed to superseded the rights of the people. KEEP PEOPLE FIRST!

FAQ / National Association of Rural Land Owners
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:11:01 PM »
We are trying to increase the sale of our No Trespassing signs to help NARLO grow. You purchased 7 of our No Trespassing signs a while back. We hope the signs have worked out for you. We would appreciate if you could help us again with just a minimal effort. Please forward the following message (below the line) about our specialized No Trespassing signs to the rural landowners on your e-mail list. They will be glad you did. It costs you but a few minutes of your time and it will help us immensely. You are welcome to modify our opening message, if you deem it appropriate.

 These signs have now been installed in the following states: Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. Our goal is to have them installed in all 50 states in the next year.

 Hope all is well with you and your family.

 Thanks for your help and take care,

 Ron Ewart, President
 P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
 425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
 (Fax No. 425 222-4743)

 Before sending to your list, erase everything above this line.


 Dear (name of rural landowner)


 We purchased some excellent No Trespassing signs from the National Association of Rural Landowners and wanted to share the information about them with you. If you own an acre or more, you need these specialized signs. With the proliferation of government agents, letting them know with these powerful signs they are not welcome on your property without permission, could very well save you from serious fines and penalties that would be assessed if they trespassed on your property and found code violations. Not only is Big Brother watching you, they are trespassing on your land without permission, all over America.

 NARLO has indicated to us that should a government agent enter your land with these signs displayed, they are guilty of trespass and can be brought up on civil or criminal trespass charges, depending on the circumstances. NARLO went on to say that In some courts, the judges will waive any fines and penalties levied by government, if the government agent trespassed on your property in the presence of a No Trespassing signs.

 You can order the signs from the NARLO website (, or by using the attached order form. Your land may be your largest asset. It is certainly worth the cost of these signs to protect that asset from government interference and abuse of your constitutional rights?

 (This message is best viewed in HTML format.)

 From the
 "National Association of Rural Landowners"
 A Washington State non-profit organization
 "Working to protect rural landowners from Government abuse"

 Tired of Government agents and others snooping on your land,
 who think trespassing is just fine and they have the right to do so? Install our copyrighted, specialized, intimidating
 "No Trespassing" signs and keep them off.

 Land Agents: You might consider purchasing them for your land clients.
 These signs have been erected nationwide and appear on rural lands in Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada, California and Washington.

 Order them from our website at using our PayPal feature and help NARLO to grow. Or print out the attached order form and send us your check or money order for the correct amount. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

 If you have any questions you can write, call or e-mail NARLO at:
 P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA 98027
 425 222-4742 or 1 800 682-7848
 (Fax No. 425 222-4743)
 E-Mail Address:

 See a sample of these huge, powerful signs below.
 (If your browser won't display the sign, it is attached as a JPEG file)

Once you actually post them, EVERYONE has to abide by a posted no trespassing sign and local or state laws can NOT superseded Federal law!

FAQ / New to the Breed? BEWARE!
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:08:13 PM »
If you are new to the breed, some might call a novice, here is a little advice.

 I have been watching for years people who write books, articles and other things in hope to give themselves a legacy.
 Very few are credible enough to do so.
 Always research the information to see if it is true.

 The most dangerous information is given by foreigners.
 Many are posting on forums, on the Internet. I'm sure they think they are experts when they aren't.
 They mostly do this to promote the bloodline they are selling overseas.
 Though they lack the real knowledge and experience within the breed.
 Most of these people are fanciers from afar.
 Some might have met the dogman they speak about but never really knew him personally.
 Most never knew them at all.

 They never was at the core of the breed first hand. They collect articles and pictures of those who were.
 What is bad about all this is when they give their opinions of their interpretation of what they have obtain about the breed.
 This is when things get misleading.

 They mass produce this misleading information to the world.
 Some of these people have owned the breed for a few decades, head of dog clubs, hosted dogs shows, even wrote books.
 Yet they still don't have the full understanding of the breed, the strains within the breed.
 True behavior of the breed. Purpose and quality of the real part of the breed.
 Some even have the gall to criticize dogmen who has owned this breed all their life and have done it all.
 Criticize dogmen here in the U.S. who knew all the known dogmen and had been all the way to core with the breed.
 They are the ones who knows what is what within the breed.

 This is an American breed. The best dogs has came from the Americas and are still here.
 They have proved themselves as such, where the others haven't.
 Not to any long degree or over decades.
 I'm not saying there hasn't been a few who has did things with the dogs and maybe got lucky with them,
 remember where they came from.
 The longevity of a family of dogs comes from proving themselves over time.
 "Test of a dog is the show. Test of a family is time."

 Until you understand the full spectrum about the breed first hand and over decades, do the breed a favor,
 don't write misleading articles, books, web pages or make posts on forums about this breed/strains until you know the full aspects and capabilities about this breed.
 If you don't have proven knowledge of the full spectrum of the breed from first hand experience,
 do the novices a favor, stop with the misguided information and quit the facade of being an expert about this breed.

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