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Pens compared to Tie Outs.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:12:38 PM »
Special interest groups like PETA (or any other of the new names they use, because of the bad press PETA is receiving) and other allege communist, drug and terrorist funding groups, are trying to have anti-tethering laws passed.

 Their claim is, chains makes dogs vicious.
 The problem with this theory is whether or not it is a social behavior or hereditary problem.

 Vicious dog behavior is greatly debated on, how this is created and why does this behavior appear.

 It is basically the same debate in humans that are murders, are they born that way or are they a product of their environment?

 So does chains make dogs vicious?
 Not by simply being placed and left on a chain.
 If the hereditary fault is within the genetic makeup of the dog then it can manifest itself.

 Physical abuse, whether on a chain or not, it has been known to create ill-temper dogs.

 So what does these special interest groups suggest?
 1 hr. a day on the chain, 3 hrs off.
 No more then the total of 3 hrs on the chain for the whole day.

 So what does this leave, what the special interest groups call irresponsible owners?
 They will go out and buy cheap crates and pens and put them in an area where if they soil the area, the owner won't have to smell or deal with it.
 Not to mention the concrete pens the dogs will freeze in when it comes winter. Concrete gets as cold as its environment.
 Pens, dogs can escape from by digging or climbing out of. Or pressing on the latch hard enough until it turns and gives way.
 Because this only address tethering, not penning of a dog.

 Will government officials allow these fanatics play them as stooges?
 Or will they keep the best interest of the dogs in mind?

 Will they listen to the pro of tethering after they listened to the "con" job just ran on them?

 The pros to tethering:

 Keeps the dogs safe from interacting with other dogs where an altercation might arise.
 Keeps them from roaming and being a menace and destructive to personal property and physical harm to humans.
 Great for exercise. More square foot area then a pen.
 Cleaner then pens because ground allows drainage un-like concrete where water and the snow liquidates the feces, which in turn, soils everything in the pen area.
 Concrete pens are very cold and hot, depending on the season, and extremely hard on the joints, feet and bones of the dog.
 The dog becomes extroverted. Pens make a dog introverted. Pens make a dog be consumed in their own little world and takes on the behavior of a caged animal.

 These special interest bleeding hearts try to convince government officials tethering makes dogs human aggressive because they are deprived of food, water and housing. This simply is not true. Some cases this has happened but it has also happened INSIDE the home! Often dogs tethered are in better health and physical fitness then a dog kept in a house. No one can deny being out doors is healthier for animals then being kept in doors. Dogs need vitamin D to retain calcium for strong bones and healthy coats. This comes from being in sunlight. Most responsible owners who tether dogs have them equipped with automatic feeders and water. Insulated dog house and bedding for the change of the seasons.

 These practices fall under animal well-fair not under animal rights. God's will, Man was given dominion over all plants and animals on earth to do with as mankind sees fit. Only a non-Christian would want animals with equal rights as humans. Laws and life style where man is subservient to animals or of animal worship.

 It is the responsibility of government of the people of the United States to protect the Bill of Rights of human beings of this country where laws are not passed to superseded the rights of the people. KEEP PEOPLE FIRST!