Author Topic: The Only All-Around Champion Female, CHAMPION DUTCHESS!  (Read 1201 times)

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The Only All-Around Champion Female, CHAMPION DUTCHESS!
« on: December 16, 2015, 08:43:51 AM »
One of the greatest females ever to look through a collar.
Her accomplishments of GIS and BIS makes it even more worthy of her greatness then just about anything else.
She is un-disputably the only female in history ever to achieve the great distinction of being a

She comes from a bloodline of a kennel, the ONLY bloodline,
to have produced two RECOGNIZED ALL-AROUND champions.
Upon her arrival to Ironline Kennels,
was the intent of making her a brood matron.

Two weeks after having her first litter weaned off her,
she was showed for the first time and didn't place.
She was not showed the next day.
Following year and not making a serious intent to show her,
she was not in top shape and was way over weight and
only placed a third in the two day weekend show.
She also had a second litter during this time.
From then on, it was on!!
She took 7 first places and 6 second places to become
 The Only Female in history to achieve this status!

What makes this female more un-usual is her personality.
Smart as hell and protective by intelligence but so human friendly upon knowing,
she was completely submissive with people.
A baby was safe laying in her belly.

As a brood female,
she will never truly get the recognition she should for producing because
 her first litter only two pups got out to other people.
None from her second and only one from her last.
Her pups were horded by Ironline Kennels.

The accomplishments of herself, has become legendary by some masses.

This female's legacy will live on forever with Ironline Kennels.

The name of this un-parallel female is the great: