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DAN GIBSON'S "BUCK". Dan Gibson of Southern Pride Kennels.
Same family as Gr. Ch. Taffy R.O.M.'s mother Bentley's Suzie Que.
Dolly was Gr. Ch. Taffy's grandmother:
The American Pit Bull Terrier in the following story was owned by Dan Gibson of Southern Pride Kennels in 1972.

"Buck was an Old Family Red Nose.
 He was whelped on August 25, 1972. Buck's Dam was from Bentleys "Dolly" of the Williams "Red Jack" and Bill Decordovas' "Cocoa" bloodlines.
This is a true story, based upon Buck's short and tragic life.

 Buck was a beautiful red/red nosed American Pit Bull Terrier. He lived the latter part of his life on a farm in Bluemont, Virginia. As was his custom, Buck would walk Jerry and Peter to the end of their very long lane to the bus stop. It was his way of saying "goodbye" to them in the morning. He would watch as they boarded the bus each day and made their way down the mountain to school. Each afternoon, Buck knew exactly when to run to the end of the lane to greet the young children upon their arrival from school. Oh how he loved those children! He and the children would play together for endless hours; however, he was ever mindful not to be too rough with them as he seemed to be aware of their fragility.

 One morning, after the children boarded the school bus, instead of returning home immediately, Buck decided to investigate the area. He ventured up the winding dirt road for quite some distance and found nothing but birds, insects and trees. This was very boring, even for a dog who generally had no trouble entertaining himself. Thus it was that Buck decided to explore the opposite direction. He had walked for quite some time when he passed the only nearby house on their road. Buck suddenly stopped, stood stiffly and sniffed the air. He smelled the presence of another dog, yet he could not see him. There was a board fence surrounding the neighbors house, except for a narrow chain link gate. Without warning or even a single sound, a huge white German Shepherd male dog charged the chain link gate. He struck the gate with such force that he was bounced backward several feet. Buck stood perfectly still, as the raging white dog repeated his attempts to attack him. Buck sensed an evil presence with this dog, a dog who attacked with no barks or growls. Buck watched amusedly as the Shepherd continued his onslaught. Off in the distance, Buck heard his master wife's voice calling him and he could tell by the tone of her voice he was in deep trouble.

 Responding immediately to the call, he raced back up the road to home. Annabelle was very upset that Buck had wandered off the property and was concerned that he might have been hit by an automobile. "You're not allowed to follow the kids to the bus stop anymore", she said. And with those words, Buck was grounded. He watched each morning as the children disappeared down the lane to the bus stop. He was held captive in the house until the kids had caught the bus and were gone from sight. Only then, would he be allowed outside the confines of the house.
 One morning as the children were preparing to leave the house for school, Buck was very ill at ease.
 He sensed something terribly wrong was going to happen that morning, yet could not figure out the source of this awful premonition. Buck whined and scratched at the entrance to the door to see for himself what was the object of his concern. The children kissed their mother goodbye and started down the lane. Annabelle scolded Buck harshly for his unexplained behavior and told him to go lay down. Try as he might, Buck could not shake the horrible feeling of impending doom. He had to follow the children, he just had to! Annabelle started her morning chores and Buck continued his pacing back and forth. The garage door! Buck recalled the garage door was sometimes left open. Once there, he discovered the door, had, in fact, been left ajar, and Buck slipped out into the still morning air. He knew he was being disobedient, but he had to follow the children down the lane. Buck crouched low to help avoid detection by the children as he knew they would make him go home if they saw him. Still the horrid feeling was with him, although he knew not of the origin of his nightmare. The children had reached the end of the lane now, and were standing waiting for the bus. Out of the corner of his eye, Buck caught a movement in the bushes.

 It was the white German Shepherd. He was sneaking toward the children, eyes ablaze with hatred, and saliva dripping from his jowls. Buck now knew what he had sensed, the giant white dog had escaped his confines and was now preparing to attack his children! Buck speeded up his approach now, as he could tell the white dog was close to springing his attack on the defenseless children. Buck ran with all his strength, faster and faster to the defense of the children who had shown him so much love.

 The huge white dog leaped high into the air, mouth wide open, ready to tear the life from the human child called Jerry. Buck sprang simultaneously and hit the crazed dog only a millisecond before he impacted the child. The Shepherd was twice Buck's size, and threw him around like a rag doll. The white dog was slashing Buck and inflicting him grievous wounds, yet Buck knew he had to stop this dog from harming his beloved children.
 Driven by countless generations of his pit bull heritage, Buck knew he must get a hold on the colossus and not let go, less the dog harm the children.

 As they parried for position, Buck saw his opportunity and latched onto the back of the white dog. Try as he might, the Shepherd could not shake the little dog from his hold on him. The children stood horrified as the battle continued. Annabelle had heard the fighting and the children screaming and came running up the lane to see what the commotion was all about. When she arrived at the scene, she tried to call Buck off from his defense of the children. Buck would not let go as he knew the sinister intentions of this dog. By this time the neighbor who owned the Shepherd had arrived on the scene and tried to break up the fight, but to no avail. "RUN CHILDREN, RUN!", Buck thought, as he was weakening from the pounding his much larger opponent had given him. Suddenly, the neighbor appeared back on the scene with a gun, a shotgun and told Annabelle that if she did not make her dog stop he would shoot him. Buck was not about to free his hold on the white dog until the children were safe, and no amount of coaxing would make him release his hold on the German Shepherd. A shotgun blast rang out from the neighbors gun and Buck lay mortally wounded, his life blood flowing into red puddles onto the hard clay soil. Annabelle and the children, crying hysterically, ran down the lane back to their home. "I must hang on for just a little while longer." Buck thought. The darkness of the Grim Reaper descended upon him and he closed his eyes with a final vision of the children fleeing to safety. He released his hold on the German Shepherd and knowing that his beloved children were now secure, slowly closed his eyes in death and breathed his last breath."