Author Topic: Black Nose from 2 Red Nose dogs?  (Read 1674 times)

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Black Nose from 2 Red Nose dogs?
« on: December 16, 2015, 09:52:36 AM »
 It is genetically impossible!!
 If mutation occurs it will be fatal!!
 The pup will be born dead or die a day or two later.

 Now I won't go into the alphabet soup explanation of AA=BB or aa=bb and all the rest of the gene crap but basically it is like this:

 1. Two black nose can produce a red nose if the red nose recessive gene is in the pedigree.

 Red nose is a recessive trait. Black nose is dominant.

 2. When a red nose and a black nose are bred, on average, most of the pups will be black nose because black nose is the dominate trait.

3. When two red nose are bred, the absent of one of them being black nose then none of the pups can be black nose because black nose is a dominate trait not a recessive trait so none of the pups can be black nose off two red nose dogs.

 Often when two black nose produce a red nose dog it is referred to as chocolate.
 We are talking about the color of the nose, not the color of the dog.
 Red is red and all the shade in between. The genetics still apply.

 I have bred red nose dogs longer and more of them then anyone alive.
 I have bred dogs every way you can think of from different colors to different bloodlines.
 If you have doubt, then read a book on recessive and dominate genes and maybe then you will believe it after you read it in print because today no one believes what another person has learned from hands on experience, only what they have read in a book!!

 Some people want to believe things so bad they can't still except the truth and will believe anything told to them because they want the blood or that kind of breeding so bad, they will always be in denial....

When 2 red nose are bred to each other they then become what is called dominate recessive.