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Forum Responses for Internet Misinformation.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:06:26 PM »
I've tried to make it a practice not to place derogatory remarks about other people, their dogs or kennel business on my website or billboards.

 Some times you just can't be silent or it might be interrupted as to condole what has been wrote.

 As one of the first well known APBT enthusiasts to engaged people on the Internet over the years there has been much misinformation and miss-interruptions of my posts and others about myself, our dogs and kennels.

 Recently with so much confusion, false statements and others inability to comprehend or to explain their self, I feel it was time to address (websites, billboards, emails, etc.) statements.

 If they are only one speaking people will have no other choice but to believe them because no else is responding. The problem with many of these statements they have on their websites, billboards or other places where moderating is done so the illusion of these miss-information is unable to be rebutted.

 Most often the majority of this information isn't worth the time or effort to correct or respond too of these misguided souls.

 Then there are times they just cross the line of human dignity.
 The purpose of this forum will be for the over the line remarks.
 I'm not going to thread chase all over the Internet nor am I going to go to the bother accessing the location to respond. I will just do it here when there is the need to be.

 For the members who have questions to any of these public remarks please P.M. the questions to me or post them in this forum and I will be more then happy to make a clarification to these statements.

 For others who wish to read a response please email me at:

 I always feel better to clear the haze of BS so everyone can see the truth better and remove the stench of rumor mongers and wannabe pretenders and posers.

Recently again I come to realize some people have all the answers and are the "new generation" and knows a better way.
 Many are to the point you just can't teach them or tell them anything.

 High percentage of them want to debate issues.
 So what is the truth is judged by who is best at a debate or who can last the longest or run off at the mouth the most with a bunch of rambling of material which has no merit.

 Some times total facts can't be proven but only from experience and common sense.
 You can warn them as much as you want but they still be in denial.
 Most will believe their own position without trial and error.

 People wonder why people who has owned this breed for decades won't share their information, well every day it comes more clear why they don't, Jealousy.
 Those people just don't want to release to a know-it-all the years of information to someone who is afraid they might be over shadowed or shown the lack of their knowledge or their failures with the breed or the lack of success there of.

 People with 40+ years don't need to prove themselves to no one, they already have.
 They don't have to continue over and over to prove the truth in what they know.
 Specially through mere words. Their knowledge comes from hands on experience.

 So where does that leave me?
 For over 20+ years on the Internet I come to the point I just don't care about miss information others are told on the Internet.

 I have other endeavors I need to address and don't have time to just sit at a computer and hand feed information on other's forums for their benefits just to ward off continued attacks because people are to immature and self loathing of their own delusions of grandeur.

 Many I think does this for the sole purpose of getting the attention of some one who has a reputation and more experience to feel relevant or important to be in a debate with the "Older Generation".
 To think they have a bit of importance if they should do well in a debate.
A debate never prove the worth of a pit dog or the understanding of them.