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The Norrod bloodline is from the Red Devil/Corvino bloodline and is a
hybrid of many different bloodlines from the Old Family Red Nose strain.
Over the years we have used bloodlines of straight
Hemphill, Wallace, Lightner, DeCordova, Williams, Clouse, Creed, etc.
NONE pure were what we like in a performance working dog.

We knew from experience none of the bloodlines we like straight.
Creed's dogs could get to boxy and lose ability. The other lines didn't have the power.
We use at least 1/2 or more Red Devil and the rest are other OFRN bloodlines
creating cross-bred ability.

Before this we were using many different bloodlines like Colby, Neblett, Hetrick, etc.
Years later we use everything, a lot of Boudreaux (Eli & Boze blood).
We notice the power from these other lines and knew almost all of the
OFRN bloodlines didn't carry this kind of power.
To be in the fast lane we knew this was a must.

Only one bloodline of the OFRN did we see this kind of power and
it was from Creed's Red Devil bloodline (a.k.a. Ross).
The only one which showed the heavy power to run with the big dogs.
The Creed line is an old bloodline.
Joe Corvino once said: "The test of a family is time".
The Norrod bloodline has pass the test of time for 40 years.

Some 40 years later our line has become a pure line.
So I decided some years ago, I would cut down and
only breed from dogs I believe was the best of the best.
I decided to only worry about ability from conformation to perform
and willingness to achieve any task set forth.

Enter the champions!!!!!!!!
After 10 years, keeping and culling 12 whole litters, the straight blood was set.
Now was the time to go back to the hybrid. It was time to breed the straight blood out.
The plan is to breed the hybrid champions from the Norrod Red Devil bloodline to each other.
Champion to Champion., Ch. Dutchess to Ch. Gambler, Ch. Red Dog and bring in some of
Ch. Hagler blood and maybe something else.

Best to Best from the crosses of the Norrod bloodline.

When I'm often asked "what to expect from a Norrod dog?"
I say: "Everything you should need in a dog!"