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« on: December 16, 2015, 08:19:54 AM »
Mo. Jim has placed many times in both Fun and Sancationed Classes.

 Lets start with the--

Fun Classes and Fun Shows.


Bearcat State

 April 2004
 1 Place 5 & over males and Best Male.

 July 2004
 3 Place Best Red Nose

 May 2005
 1 Place Best Brindle


 1 Place Trophy.

 Best Red Nose 2004.



 April 2004
 1 Place 5 & over males and Best of Opposite Sex.

 August 21, 2004
 2 Place Best Brindle
 1 Place Best Red Nose

 August 22, 2004
 1 Place Best Brindle
 1 Place Best Red Nose

Sancationed Classes


Bearcat State

 July 31, 2004
 2 Place 5 & over males. Judge Ken G.

 August 1, 2004
 3 Place 5 & over males. Judge Phil C.

 May 1, 2005
 3 Place 5 & over males. Judge Dan B.


 May 5, 2004
 1 Place 5 & over males. Judge Clyde A.
 1 Place 5 & over males. Judge Judy W.



 August 21, 2004
 1 Place 5 & over males. Judge Lee C.

 August 22, 2004
 1 Place 5 & over males. Judge Mary Lu C.

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:18:30 AM »
ADBA Shows:

Great Lakes

 May 31, 1997
 3 Place 2-3 Year Females. Judge Joe D.

 June 1, 1997
 2 Place 2-3 Year Females. Judge Roger S.

Other ADBA Shows:

 June 28, 1997
 3 Place 2-3 Year Females. Judge Abel S.

 2 Place. Judge Harry George.
 3 Place. Judge Harry George.
 3 Place. Judge Lcore R. Villa.
 2 Place. Judge Flo Beaness

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:17:23 AM »
Fox Valley ADBA September 18 & 19, 1993

 3 place 4-6 month males. Judge Scott L.

 3 place 4-6 month males. Judge Laura M.

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:16:36 AM »
Great Lakes ADBA June 4, 1994 Show

 2 Place 6-9 month males. Judge W.K.

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:15:52 AM »
Bearcat State AADR May 1, 2005 Show

 2 Place 5 & over Males.

 3 Place Judge's Choice.
 Judge Dan B.

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:15:01 AM »
Bearcat State AADR 2004 Show

 2 Place, 5 & over females. Judge Ken G.

Bearcat State AADR 2005 Show

 2 Place, 5 & over females. Judge Rod D.
 2 Place, 5 & over females. Judge Robert H.

Michiana ADBA 2005 Show

 2 Place, 5 & over females. Judge Joe B.
 1 Place, 5 & over females. Judge Amy G.

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:13:54 AM »
Bearcat State AADR Show May 1, 2005.
 1 Place 5 & over Females. Judge Dan B.

Bearcat State AADR Show September 2005.
 3 place 5 & over Females. Judge Robert H

« on: December 16, 2015, 08:13:08 AM »
Weight Pull Class 55 to 65 M
 IN. Show June 17, 2000

 Weight Pull Class 55 to 65 M
 IN. Show June 18, 2000

 Judge: Terry Hamilton

Over the many years I have had questions about other bloodlines then what is advertised.
If I wanted to sell any of them then I would have advertised them.
I have grown tired of responding to these inquiries.

I have owned many different bloodlines over the years.
From Colby and the different versions from this bloodline to Carver, Boudreaux, Patrick, Maloney, Tudor, you name it.

One of my all time favorite dogs was Norrod's Smokin Satan.
He was my rode dog and one which never failed me in any way!
We went through the thick and thin of times and often I found myself being carried by him then the other way around.
His sire was Bodzainowski's Ch. Paddy Boy (litter mate to J.C. Shaw's Ch. Rascal) heavy in Boudreaux' Eli Jr. blood crossed to Norrod's Flossie, heavy in the Jim William's Gr. Ch. Copper blood.
Satan was from a breeding I did in late March of 1975.
Satan DOB was June 1, 1975.

On to the rest.
Here is something most need to know before they speak what I have and don't have:
1. I still have the main UKC and ADBA pedigrees of all the old dogs which has been associated with this kennel, as I just scanned a old UKC of a AST we owned in 1973.
I can scan them too but I scanned this one for my friend HowardB.
At the bottom:

Some of the more noted dogs our kennels has been associated with comes from the bloodlines of the Boudreaux' Boze through Norrod's & Boudreaux' Check and Taxlor's OX.
Another is our old Hemphill bloodline from Maud, Duster, and Spike.
Another is Gaines dogs from American Rose, Don Q, Ch. Red Dog, etc.
Another is our old Creed dogs from Chopper, Mokena, coming through Rigger.
Another is Iron Gunner, Blondy Sue, Nikki and Chance 75 aka Suda.
Another is from another Creed bloodline of Combs/Creed dogs of Red Sonya and her brother Squeezer and his son Nitro which I owned all.

Of the above mentioned bloodlines I bred and sold a few, some less then 5 pups total, one must remember an important factor.
When you tight family breed or inbred, you will see the truth in the bloodline, all the good and all the bad.
You can't have a front without a back or a top without a bottom.

This method of breeding shows everything.
I found from experience this was the best way for me to purify the bloodline.
There is a down side when producing and anyone who has ever read about this kind of method of breeding will know that fertility is a factor where you will have small litters or whole litters which will die.
Good thing is this doesn't often come into play until many generations down from the start but sooner or later this will happen.
Hard to have a big yard with variables when there is a small group in later years to choose from.
Also this makes it hard to have any available to sell.
Often to increase the size of litters you have to cross.
I chose not too.
I chose to keep the line pure for myself and bite the bullet.

After this many years of culling I knew what to look for when it came time to breed.
These bloodlines mentioned above are limited and are bred for a select few people,
who help keep those bloodlines going.

I want everyone to understand I never eliminated these dogs from any breeding programs,
thing is I just quit selling them to the public.
Not because they couldn't produce winners, because everyone of the bloodlines I named above,
had already proven they could and this is a known reported fact!

When these dogs were placed and are kept with these chosen people I have told others stories,
that I sold them off to people outside the country so they wouldn't come up missing.
In my private forum I wrote a story what happened once to Ch. Iron Spike and what Dan and I had to do to get him back.
I would hate to go that extreme again but I know I would.
This is one of the many reasons why I don't place pictures of my current dogs up on the Internet.  >:(

So what did I choose to base my yard from.
The dogs that took us to the dance. :)
About 15+ years ago I was down to about 15 dogs all were from Susie, Mitzie and Maximillian breeding.
Why them?
They had the right mixture that produced winners that ourselves or anyone else could be completely successful with.
Their records speak for themselves.

When you choose to become a APBT breeder you have to choose, are you a paper breeder or are you a breeder from winners to produce winners?
The taste of success was a flavor that tasted much better then the bitter taste of failure.

As time evolved it showed success came from these family bred dogs and to the out crossed dogs.
I also wanted to breed Gr. Ch. Koko to Ch. Red Iron and Ch. Smash but it never came to be.
I wanted to see the line breeding.
In 1995 Ch. Gambler was sent back to me from the Yankee Boys.
I used him as a stud for line breeding with a little cross.
I didn't care what he had on his top side,
it is what he achieved as a dog is what I wanted.
I bred him to the straight Susie, Mitzie & Max females and they too produced recognized winners.
I had already been offered Ch. Red Dog to be sent to me but there was one problem,
I couldn't go along with what I knew wasn't so.
He was a for real deal champion so that wasn't it. Most know by now why.

A couple of years later Ch. Dutchess came available to me from Triple J Kennels who had sent Gr. Ch. Street Sweeper to Wildside Kennels.
Her record was unbelievable for only 2+ year old dog.
Now here was my chance to do what I always wanted to do.
Breed a titled female from my bloodline (in this case dogs I sent to Dan Gibson of Southern Pride Kennels).
I bred her to Ch. Gambler and to Ch. Red Dog.
Both of these males came from females I had bred.
I finally got to try line breeding from titled dogs which was basically our bloodline with some cross.
I later bred a daughter of Ch. Gambler to Ch. Hagler who again had my bloodline on the dam's side.
I wanted to see what came of the blood without Ch. Dutchess in the pedigree.

The thing is, of our other bloodlines we had used, I don't know how well they would have placed in conformation, but neither did I try.
Of the dogs from Susie, Mitzie & Max, Maynard, Heidi and Ms. C just to name a few had conformation points.
Ceresco Kid had weight pull points.
I'm sure there would have been others, as I had already been told by different registry judges, some of them would have placed if I would show them.

But the champions,
I will never forget what happened with Ch. Gambler at 6 years old.
Man he blew through the dogs and wasn't even ready to be showed and two weeks later did it again.
The first show when I got all the ribbons and the trophy Lynn was so shock she was upset and thought I stole the trophy from someone and said I better take it back.
I said, dumb ass I really won it! :)
Third dog I ever showed! LOL
First was old Satan under Dick Stratton when Satan was old and started to be crippled.
Second one was Maynard who took a second and then Ch. Gambler........BAM!
When I finally got a break in breeding Ch. Dutchess and I could get serious with her, she made history that no other female has ever equaled in achievements.
The thing that isn't known, Ch. Hagler had a good sum of conformation points and so did Ch. Red Dog.
Just by chance of me happening to take them to the show,
they got recognized as dogs that could produce complete package dogs!

Over the last 15 close to 20 years I had a lot of success with these dogs in every aspects.
But there will be a time when I will have to choose again, will they stay here as the old dogs have off Susie, Mitzie and Max?
Note I still have them :)
Or will I have to place them too with a small group of people who will end standing up and helping out with the keeping of the dogs for themselves.
I not getting any younger.

I can't in good thought walk away or give up on the dogs which had been so successful for us for over 40 years.
But then again neither will I do so with the dogs from Ch. Dutchess, Ch. Gambler, Ch. Red Dog or Ch. Hagler.
They will just not be available to the public at a given time in the future.

My plans after 10+ years?
If I'm still alive doing any breeding, it will be totally minimal,
I hope to find or create another Ch. Gambler or a champion from foundation blood,
so he can be bred to our old straight females and on very small occasion have pups.

When I go,
Lynn might keep a few and when she goes,
if she doesn't before me,
what is here will be put down and not sold.

Why did I post this these 2 posts?
To make clear:

A. I'm not interested in bringing back the other old bloodlines to breed for the public so don't ask.
If I have anything available it will be posted.

B. Don't doubt what I have if you don't know or can't prove differently.
I've grown tried of the silly attacks from people who has never met me or has been here and seen my yard.
I'm tired of the silly talk of jealous hate being spread in the dogs and not one wanting to compare or willing show what theirs are about.
I'm tired of people telling me who purchased from other breeders, my stock, of what I did or didn't breed.
I'm tired of people who bought dogs from of other bloodlines making derogatory statements and trying to compare their dogs to mine yet they ride on the shirt tales of others with never having done anything personally on their own with the dogs they have.
The wannabes only hope is they don't get caught up in their BS with the people they are talking about.
These people are a joke,
REMEMBER this for future reference,
NEVER give these peoples' words any merit until they have done something themselves to help improve and added to their own bloodline then just to be peddling pups.

People often asked years ago, why I waited so long to breed for myself off dogs like Gr. Ch. Iron Taffy R.O.M, Ch. Iron Spike R.O.M., Ch. Iron Bobcat R.O.M., Ch. Iron Bear R.O.M., Gr. Ch. Koko R.O.M., Ch. Flash and the many multi winners?
Because achievements were more important to me then pup breeding and peddling.............

Post Posted: Sun May 12, 2013 10:18 pm    Post subject: Norrods Red Daisy.
Just want to thank you again Mike & Lynn for my Norrods Red Daisy.

 She is a true " Norrod" OFRN.

 She is really hitting her stride now. I cant count how many rabbits and other critters she gave the dirt nap to at this point now but she is a terror.
 No fence to high or lake to deep for her as well.

 She is my point man and natural watch dog. She def carries the traits of your " Old School" blood.
 Out in the woods, she will freeze stone cold stiff with one paw raised up until she is ready to strike. I never seen that before on a APBT.

 Her athletic ability & mouth has to be seen in person.

 You were right about this one Mike.  :)

O dogg
Post Posted: Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:19 am    Post subject: another thank you I.M. ....

Whoa..... sometimes I forget what amazing animals we all have .....took ole Annie for a walk tonight we passed by the little league all star tournament .....literary got between 30 to 40 compliments on her ... its happened since the day I got her don't know why I was so surprised ... took a Kazzie male the night before an got a half dozen  8) .... thank you I.M and Lynn for all your efforts to produce such fine companions..

Post Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:28 pm    Post subject: Thank You I.M.
Mike just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to own the bitch you sent me 6 years ago to the day. I picked her up from the airport on January Friday the 13th, 2006. First time I picked her up she peed on me. Since that day I have never spent more than a few days away from her. She sleeps in my bed, rights shotgun everywhere, including in my fiancées Bimmer. She's everything I could ask for in a bulldog, a perfect example of what they should be. I can't thank you enough or imagine life without her. Thank you.

Joined: 23 Oct 2007
Post Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 1:17 am    Post subject: Thank you

Just wanted to say thanks as The pup is a little over 20 months old and is all I could ever want and true to what you place on your site. As for your selling information on your site it is rite on the money with what you say is what you are going to receive. Thanks again and hopefully others will choose to purchase a dog from you.

Post Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 9:07 am    Post subject: Norrod's Red Lolita
Well, I've finally got the pup I've been waiting a long time for, and boy was it worth the wait!
 She has already surprised me a lot by how quickly she has adapted to her new home.
 She is not shy and fearful, but thrives for attention and wants to play.
 I've made her call-name "Loly" (Low-lee).
 I'm sure I'll be in store from many surprises from her!
 Thanks again I.M.  :)

The Norrod bloodline is from the Red Devil/Corvino bloodline and is a
hybrid of many different bloodlines from the Old Family Red Nose strain.
Over the years we have used bloodlines of straight
Hemphill, Wallace, Lightner, DeCordova, Williams, Clouse, Creed, etc.
NONE pure were what we like in a performance working dog.

We knew from experience none of the bloodlines we like straight.
Creed's dogs could get to boxy and lose ability. The other lines didn't have the power.
We use at least 1/2 or more Red Devil and the rest are other OFRN bloodlines
creating cross-bred ability.

Before this we were using many different bloodlines like Colby, Neblett, Hetrick, etc.
Years later we use everything, a lot of Boudreaux (Eli & Boze blood).
We notice the power from these other lines and knew almost all of the
OFRN bloodlines didn't carry this kind of power.
To be in the fast lane we knew this was a must.

Only one bloodline of the OFRN did we see this kind of power and
it was from Creed's Red Devil bloodline (a.k.a. Ross).
The only one which showed the heavy power to run with the big dogs.
The Creed line is an old bloodline.
Joe Corvino once said: "The test of a family is time".
The Norrod bloodline has pass the test of time for 40 years.

Some 40 years later our line has become a pure line.
So I decided some years ago, I would cut down and
only breed from dogs I believe was the best of the best.
I decided to only worry about ability from conformation to perform
and willingness to achieve any task set forth.

Enter the champions!!!!!!!!
After 10 years, keeping and culling 12 whole litters, the straight blood was set.
Now was the time to go back to the hybrid. It was time to breed the straight blood out.
The plan is to breed the hybrid champions from the Norrod Red Devil bloodline to each other.
Champion to Champion., Ch. Dutchess to Ch. Gambler, Ch. Red Dog and bring in some of
Ch. Hagler blood and maybe something else.

Best to Best from the crosses of the Norrod bloodline.

When I'm often asked "what to expect from a Norrod dog?"
I say: "Everything you should need in a dog!"

« on: December 14, 2015, 08:59:45 AM »
I do not export animals out the country so please don't waste your time asking.
I do not have an export license to export dogs outside the U.S. or its territories.

For those who have inquired, NO I have never shipped dogs to Bulgaria.
Not 1 or 8 of them. Anyone who told you this, it is simply not true.
If there is paper work, it is hung papers on to another dog by someone else.
Or purchased by someone in the U.S. A. and they shipped it there.
I do not guarantee the dog or recognize it,
"Only dogs bought directly from me, not dogs sold under my name".
Ironline Kennels have not sent dogs to Bulgaria!!

It is our mission to always try to produce a quality dog for our customers.
One who will bond with its owners, be playful, yet smart enough to know to be naturally protective.
A healthy dog who will bring many years of happiness to its family.
Not always to be a negative burden but a pleasure to own.

Our philosophy of breeding is a simple one.
Always try to produce as good or better dogs then the ones you started with.
Fail to do so is lowing the quality of the breed.
If not, the breeder is doing it backwards and needs to quit breeding dogs.
Success is measured by the longevity of success of the Kennel.
The known quality of the dogs which has been produced and been associated with the Kennel over the many years.

To try obtain past glory of dogs, which has been produced, is an egotistical endeavor of a novice breeder.
The success is judged by the continuation of quality dogs from a Kennel not reminiscing of the past.

So to sum this all up, a quality breeder is one who will replace a dog not up to the standard as expected.

Also if I feel I wasn't producing the quality of the dogs we had produced from the past from our many interests of a variety of bloodlines, I would quit breeding APBT dogs.

« on: December 14, 2015, 08:45:45 AM »
I'm not a color breeder.
I get red dogs because that is what they produce.
To get another color I would have to breed out side of my kennels, which I won't do.

As for the colors of red, since I don't color breed, I don't care what color of the shade of red they are.
I don't guarantee a shade of red. Nor do I guarantee no red brindle or white on the dogs.
I guarantee health and they are "bred as said"! Nothing else...
You can read the guarantee here:

If you have doubts and are hung up on this, I suggest you request pictures.
This is the time to say ya or nay on getting the pup.

On the Puppy Information Form I'm clear about this.

I don't refund deposits, they are to be used within 1 year.
I will replace a pup with a pup.
(This only applies if the Policy & Guarantee is the issue.)
This does not apply to the shade of red, specially after pictures have been sent!!

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