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Breeding Philosophy and Kennel Mission.
« on: December 14, 2015, 08:48:53 AM »
It is our mission to always try to produce a quality dog for our customers.
One who will bond with its owners, be playful, yet smart enough to know to be naturally protective.
A healthy dog who will bring many years of happiness to its family.
Not always to be a negative burden but a pleasure to own.

Our philosophy of breeding is a simple one.
Always try to produce as good or better dogs then the ones you started with.
Fail to do so is lowing the quality of the breed.
If not, the breeder is doing it backwards and needs to quit breeding dogs.
Success is measured by the longevity of success of the Kennel.
The known quality of the dogs which has been produced and been associated with the Kennel over the many years.

To try obtain past glory of dogs, which has been produced, is an egotistical endeavor of a novice breeder.
The success is judged by the continuation of quality dogs from a Kennel not reminiscing of the past.

So to sum this all up, a quality breeder is one who will replace a dog not up to the standard as expected.

Also if I feel I wasn't producing the quality of the dogs we had produced from the past from our many interests of a variety of bloodlines, I would quit breeding APBT dogs.