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Heritage Reference of the American Pit Bull Terrier.
« on: December 16, 2015, 10:01:56 AM »
Heritage Reference of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

 Understanding where the different fighting dogs came from,
 will help explain the typical (Type) of the APBT is suppose to look like.

 I have wrote the difference in other breeds compared to the APBT,
 which included their size, to their conformation differences and
 how they are traditionally suppose to look for each breed.

 For the APBT you have to look at the difference of the main well known foundation dogs to understand the color heritage.

 The Staffords from Staffordshire England was a black nose dog which was more common in color of cow patch, white with black brindle patches.
 Not often of solid background colors.
 One of the more known colors of brindle, of a solid color background, was a brownish color,
 later years referred to as the Staff brindle.

 From Scotland came the Blue Pauls, Blue Pols, Blue Paulies.
 These dogs were mainly blue brindle and white with a blue colored nose.
 In later years, with the popularity of this color, this strain started appearing in the dogs with a solid blue coat.

 From Ireland came, the most famous of all the known fighting breeds to help create the APBT,
 the Old Family Reds.
 These dogs came in the color of red, red and white with red noses.
 The color of both the nose and the coat was of a dark red, liver in color or copper red like a penny.

 Black and Tan breed of fighting bulldogs were believed to trace back into the Germanic Mastiff.
 Many were brought over by immigrants from Holland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, etc.

 From France came the Buckskin Fighting Dogs,
 whose heritage appearance was close to the French Mastiff type.
 Often known to be on the larger size compared to the other foundation dogs of the APBT.

 The last colors' heritage was vast, from many known locations, believed to be their heritage.
 Robert F. Lemm wrote in his book "Seen through the Eyes of the Millmaker" the black and brindle dogs mostly came from the mountains of Spain and Italy.
 Another black nose breed.

 With so many of the Americans who are made up with Spanish and Italian descent,
 it would be hard to believe these countries had no influence in making up the APBT in this era.

 Their known history of the game Spanish Bulldog used around the sport of Bull Fighting and the Italian Canine Gladiators used in the coliseums,
 would explain where the main part of the color of black and brindle dogs originated.

 Any other color then the ones mentioned are unexplainable,
 unless it is from breed-crossing from other known breeds of today,
 thus making those dogs' heritage not of the traditional APBT.

 The common mistake, in explaination,
 is due from a well known story of one of the most famous dog men in history.
 His story is flawed because of being bias to his own heritage.
 In writing this story, he excluded all the other known foundation breeds which help create the APBT.

 In his story he writes the APBT was created by crossing the English Bulldog
 to the now extinct English White Terrier.
 In his bias belief, he wanted other owners to believe,
 the APBT was created the same way the English Bull Terrier was created.

 Over time, the variance in colors of the APBT, has proven his belief of the creation of the APBT to be wrong.