Author Topic: New to the Breed? BEWARE!  (Read 1077 times)

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New to the Breed? BEWARE!
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:08:13 PM »
If you are new to the breed, some might call a novice, here is a little advice.

 I have been watching for years people who write books, articles and other things in hope to give themselves a legacy.
 Very few are credible enough to do so.
 Always research the information to see if it is true.

 The most dangerous information is given by foreigners.
 Many are posting on forums, on the Internet. I'm sure they think they are experts when they aren't.
 They mostly do this to promote the bloodline they are selling overseas.
 Though they lack the real knowledge and experience within the breed.
 Most of these people are fanciers from afar.
 Some might have met the dogman they speak about but never really knew him personally.
 Most never knew them at all.

 They never was at the core of the breed first hand. They collect articles and pictures of those who were.
 What is bad about all this is when they give their opinions of their interpretation of what they have obtain about the breed.
 This is when things get misleading.

 They mass produce this misleading information to the world.
 Some of these people have owned the breed for a few decades, head of dog clubs, hosted dogs shows, even wrote books.
 Yet they still don't have the full understanding of the breed, the strains within the breed.
 True behavior of the breed. Purpose and quality of the real part of the breed.
 Some even have the gall to criticize dogmen who has owned this breed all their life and have done it all.
 Criticize dogmen here in the U.S. who knew all the known dogmen and had been all the way to core with the breed.
 They are the ones who knows what is what within the breed.

 This is an American breed. The best dogs has came from the Americas and are still here.
 They have proved themselves as such, where the others haven't.
 Not to any long degree or over decades.
 I'm not saying there hasn't been a few who has did things with the dogs and maybe got lucky with them,
 remember where they came from.
 The longevity of a family of dogs comes from proving themselves over time.
 "Test of a dog is the show. Test of a family is time."

 Until you understand the full spectrum about the breed first hand and over decades, do the breed a favor,
 don't write misleading articles, books, web pages or make posts on forums about this breed/strains until you know the full aspects and capabilities about this breed.
 If you don't have proven knowledge of the full spectrum of the breed from first hand experience,
 do the novices a favor, stop with the misguided information and quit the facade of being an expert about this breed.