Author Topic: Origin of the name Iron Mike.  (Read 1529 times)

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Origin of the name Iron Mike.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:24:46 PM »
The nickname Iron Mike isn't a handle from owning dogs.
 It was a nickname from playing football in school.
 At a very young age I have been over 6 feet tall.
 But I didn't have the weight to play lineman.

 In basketball I could always touch the rim but like most white guys, Laughing
 I couldn't continuously play a high level game above the rim.
 But in football it was very easy just to lay the ball up in the air
 and I was able to bring it down over the defensive backs.

 Because of my size, I often played tight end
 but I also would play in motion as a flanker or the third wide receiver.
 I wore the same number as Mike Ditka
 and because my bread and butter sport was football,
 I received a nickname from the famous Iron Mike.
 One other reason is because I played two way football.
 I also play defensive end.

 Later on in dogs the name just stayed with me.
 Ironman was a handle from which an Ironworker and a bloodline coincided
 and so this is how that handle was created,
 but this isn't the case with Iron Mike.

 So in the future when you see anonymous poster, posting the name Iron Mike,
 they're not just posting a dogman's "handle", in truth,
 it is avail attempt to dry snitch a person's name out.
 In this case, mine... Twisted Evil