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Ironline's Name and Dogs.
« on: December 19, 2015, 12:28:18 PM »
Ironline name is copyright. No one has the right to use it without our written permission.

 Only recognized dogs, are the dogs purchased directly from Ironline Kennels.
 As stated in our Policy & Guarantee;
"We can only be responsible for dogs purchased directly from us, by the people who bought them, not dogs sold under our name!"
 As in the case recently by some people in Alabama.

 Dogs not bought directly from and/or bred by us, are not recognized Ironline Dogs.
 We do not recognize people's sale of dog/s claiming to be Ironline Kennels bred.

 For dogs to be straight "PURE" Ironline Kennels dogs (meaning at least 4 generations) they must only be from Suzie Que, Mitzie & Maxillian.
 All the rest are considered line bred dogs.

In case anyone has missed this in public magazines, look in the right lower corner for the copyright mark.

Once again it can be seen: