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Dogmen Personalities.
« on: December 19, 2015, 01:45:23 PM »
Dogmen Personalities.

 Over the years I had the pleasure to meet a lot of different kind of people
 who own the American Pit Bull Terrier.
 Some were quite important, others of lesser knowledge and fame.

 I have seen many different styles of behavior.
 Their styles varied by nature of their interest.

 If they were just a pet owner, theirs were of ah of famous people and were a sponge for information about the breed. Often quite nice if you're willing to stand there let them milk you of a life time of knowledge and information. If you weren't, then their personality was of jealousy and bitterness.

 If they were exhibitors of legal means, such as conformation shows etc., often theirs are petty and jealousy of about everyone who won over their dogs or got more attention.
 They would hang on every word of a person of importance, then misconstrue their intent to belittle or discredit, or apply the importance of what was said depending on which way the words wind would flatter or offend them. Either way the wind blew, the words were always exaggerated.

 Now if they are competitors of illegal intent, EVERYONE's dogs were the best that ever look through a collar and everyone else's has never done nothing like theirs!
 My favorites are the clowns who brags on their bloodline they own but has never done anything themselves to add recognition to the line.
 But yet sets in judgment of dog people who have!
 You have risked it all by putting it on the line.
 "Remember the next best thing to playing and winning is, playing and losing, but you have to play to win."
 Not be a coward and just set of the sidelines and talk smack!

 Or leaches who are hang-arounders of the true campaigners and
 make like they were part of the main core of that posse.
 When a person is shooting off their mouth in public, you can be sure the person they are talking about,
 they have never rang their phone...

 Now if they are a breeder or just plain peddler, there are many different types of personalities.
 There is the mild manner type, polite and courteous but doesn't know much or able to give much information about what they are selling because they truly only in it for the bucks.

 Then there is the slicker type, hey buddy, ole pal, old friend of mine and you only ever talked to them once before on the phone for a couple of minutes and you would think they feel like life long pals.
 They try and make you feel easy about parting with your money to them for anything they are selling no matter what the quality is.

 The best I've saved for last and I think most know why. Smile
 There is the direct type of personality.
 So blunt almost rude.
 Short and simple that you think their must be something wrong because they didn't try and play suck ass to you because they don't breed dogs for living. They know what they have done with the dogs and they know the truth and if asked will give it no matter if it is what you wanted to hear or not!

 They are the type who has a life time of knowledge with the dogs of hands on experience and not something they read in a book and sure to hell don't want some greenhorn sitting on the sidelines correcting them about things the greenhorn has no first hand knowledge of.

 The type of dog person who's life lessens in the dog game came hard with no help from anyone.
 Paid their dues by being ripped off, lied too, stolen from, cheated, often fighting off attempts of being discredit by every wannabe who is jealous of what they hadn't done in their life time and the people the person knows and places he has been and the things he has saw and done....
 He has to deal with every hater who has never done as much or got the recognition or fame as he has.

 This kind of breeder knows what he knows and don't take shit from no one and doesn't play kiss ass to anyone. Game as his dogs and the history of the breed.
 He is the type of gamedog that doesn't come from around behind and attack the stifle like a cur, he will face fight you and keep it where the action is and be right in front of you at all times!

 The APBT dog world is of your choice. You pick what kind you like, then live with it....

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Re: Dogmen Personalities.
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2015, 01:45:58 PM »
Over the years in and around the business world of the APBT I have seen many other types in these dogs.
 The Internet has bought new kind of ways to make money then just advertising pups for sale.

 Over the years I have seen many novelty sellers with different items for sale from shirts, hats, calendars, bumper stickers, etc.
 Some started magazines for many different reasons, legal and illegal intent. Some went so far as to write books.
 I have found out this was their way to interject their legacy with the history of the breed.

 The Internet has brought another way, hosting many different billboards and selling different types of memberships for different levels of access, which I yet found a reason why to pay someone access to their forums when those forums can be easily accessed with a certain amount of knowledge and experience with billboards.

 I never begrudged anyone of how they got their money. In fact a couple the ways mentioned above I have done i.e. shirts, hats, calendars, but this was more for kennel promotion not trying to make money off it, to make a living.
 In all the years of which this kennel has done public business, it never was with the intent to make money for support our life style but one for being able to make sure our dogs had the best of everything we could afford. No cutting corners of cost on feed or health care or housing.
 Also to try provide to the public a quality representation of an APBT.

 Unlike all the different types name above, we used the money for the dogs. Over the years I have found out, of the many people who has done what was wrote in the above part of this post, very few had any number of dogs, Most didn't have even 10 or 15 dogs to support.
 Their interest was only to line their own pockets!
 These are leaches of the breed, blood suckers which I find is now hurting the breed, in what they think is promoting a good image of the breed, which is really destroying it.

 It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around.
 Some will say this is just capitalism at its purest form.
 Others might say that is greed at its purest form.
 In this breed and as well as our society, time will tell which type it was, if it was truly the best form...